Wake up Sheeple!

Well, since the departure of my Partner in Griping, Fernando Rivera, I have decided to carry on The Gripes of Wrath on my own. There will always be something or someone to gripe about and I feel a strange obligation to continue on.

Keep your eyes and ears open for future episodes.

Chow for now,

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Nando's swan song episode, Rogue Taxidermist Hipsters, Thank You's.

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Election 2016, Will this be our last show?

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Anniversary plans, Tattoos and Piercings, Halloween and Helicopter Parents, Not the best time to be a first time voter, College students CAN'T be this dumb, Lot's of adults aren't much better.

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Debate #3, Creationists message to trick or treaters, U of F wants a non-offensive Halloween.

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Carpinteria's Avo Fest, Justin Ross Harris, Kim Kardashian costume, Kylie Jenner's lips

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Debates, more Kaepernick, an In-N-Out veggie burger?!?, H&M ad protest - because She's A Lady

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Happy Autumn, the Emmy's, Missouri - The Shoot'em Up State.

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National Bourbon Month, Rapper fined for fowl language, Lockte/Kaepernick, Ex-Ohio mayor - "She wanted it", birthday shoutouts.

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R.I.P. Steven Hill and Gene Wilder, Colin Kaepernick

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