It's dark, it's's us.

Happy Autumn, the Emmy's, Missouri - The Shoot'em Up State.

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National Bourbon Month, Rapper fined for fowl language, Lockte/Kaepernick, Ex-Ohio mayor - "She wanted it", birthday shoutouts.

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R.I.P. Steven Hill and Gene Wilder, Colin Kaepernick

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The genius that is Farrah Abraham, Shoot'em up BBQ in Texas, Derek Jeter's speeding ticket, oh yeah...and don't be Sheeple!

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Not Your Fathers Root Beer, Olympics - Jewdo and Bad Pool Boys, Can We Take A Joke?, Movie remakes, Robin Williams.

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Olympics, Dani Mathers, Jud McMillan.

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Scott hogties Sophie, Nando's a bachelor (for 9 days), Thanks again URB-E, Texas wee wee couple, Krispy Kreme meth, Pokemoan.

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Happy Birthday Robin and Don, Trump Trump and more Trump, Scott wants an URB-E.

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Fete Nationale! Pokemon Go, Robot Security, Ken Ham's Ark.

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Happy 76th Birthday Ringo Starr, With all these cop shootings - we've given up, Bleach Blanket Bimbo Azealia Banks.

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